Tons of options. Food comes out extremely fast. Workers are friendly and professional. They have gluten free pancakes, which are really good! Highly recommend.

-Catherine Cummings

Seriously? People are complaining? It’s a New Jersey diner get over yourselves. No less this one is one of the better ones around. Food has always been great since as far back I can remember been coming here on and off for 12 years. Some of the residents can get snobby but staff has always been extremely pleasant.

-Roberto Martinez

The Westfield Diner has always been a gem within Union County. I’ve gone here for after parties, celebrations, and just to have a nice meal with friends and family. Immediately after entering you are greeted by very friendly staff who bring you to a table/booth promptly. Soon after my friends and I all figured out what we wanted to get, we all got chocolate chip pancakes along with eggs, bacon and ham… all for 15 bucks! We got our food within 10 minutes of ordering and we were all super pleased because all of us were starving. Everything is very fast but it’s not overwhelming, it feels very efficient and it works very well. Again, the staff is incredibly friendly and kind so they’ve always made the experience enjoyable.

-Matt Zatorsky

Wow! Never had such fast and thorough service! Food was incredible and so was the coffee. This place does not disappoint!


Hands down the best diner in the area! The food is always in point and their cream of turkey soup is the best around. This goes for their desserts as well. Their cheesecakes are incredible. Service is fast and the staff are very friendly. I highly recommend the Westfield Diner!

-Trisha Grimes

Pretty good food and very good service at our recent visit to Westfield Diner. We were immediately seated and our waitress was quick with getting our drinks and orders. She was excellent as she came by so many times asking if we needed more Coke. We ordered a pizza burger deluxe with disco fries. The food was pretty good and it was the first time I had a pizza burger that included mozzarella sticks on top. This diner was also nicely decorated for Easter.

-Dan Perez

Great service. Food came out moments after we ordered. Fresh and hot. Absolutely would go back.

-Kayla H

One of the best diners to go for. It’s not too busy, we were able to get seats right away. The food is done fresh and ready fast, and delicious! Waiters are very understanding and kind, they are quick with orders. Highly recommend going there if you are looking for fast, delicious food! Vegetarian options: They have salad options including Greek salad. Kid-friendliness: Very nice place to bring children Wheelchair accessibility: They have a ramp to the entrance. Good seatings available