We cater all kinds of events.

We offer specialized catering services, including catering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We can take care of all of your catering needs, whether it’s the first and most important meal of the day or a lavish evening event.

Birthday Party

Whether you are planning to organize your baby’s first birthday, teenage birthday bash, or your spouse’s surprise birthday party, we are here to assist you with all your catering needs. Our catering experts ensure that every moment of your special day is marked with delectable cuisine and exceptional service.

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People enjoying birthday party with a cake candles burning on it A teddy bear holding a girl | Westfield Diner NJ Restaurant
Some corporate employees enjoying an corporate event holding vine glasses in hands | Westfield Diner NJ Restaurant

Corporate Events

Enjoy an outstanding culinary experience at your corporate party! We are happy to offer catering services specifically designed for corporate events. We have expertise in providing delicious and beautifully presented foods that make a lasting impression at board meetings, seminars, or grand corporate parties.

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Holiday Party

Experience the pinnacle of holiday gatherings with our premier holiday party catering services. Whether it’s an intimate family get-together or a grand holiday event with friends, our flexible menu selections are designed to infuse an extra dose of festive cheer into your celebration. Order now! We offer convenient pickup and delivery options to make your holiday planning a breeze.

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Some Friends Enjoying Holiday Party wearing christmas hats | Westfield Diner NJ Restaurant
Some people having private party celebration by holding vine glasses in hands filled with strawberry | Westfield Diner NJ Restaurant

Private Events

We provide exceptional catering services for private events, creating unforgettable culinary experiences. Our diverse menu options, exquisite presentation, and professional chef ensure every private event is a gastronomic success. Let us elevate your special occasion with our specialized and finger-licking dishes!

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Sweet Sixteen

Elevate the Sweet Sixteen celebration of your daughter with our premium catering service. Our skilled and dedicated team offers various mouth-watering dishes that promise a delightful culinary experience for the guests of honor and attendees, making your event unique and memorable.

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Sweet Girls enjoying their sweet sixteen party celebration with holding vine glasses in hands | Westfield Diner NJ Restaurant